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Fantasy Gambling

By Michael Alter Published April 15, 2016

Michael Alter looks at the recent developments in the daily fantasy sports controversy and what makes this new form of gambling different from previous vices.

Building Bridges - In Only One Sense of the Term

By Michael Alter Published February 25, 2016

Amongst all the talk about hot button issues like criminal justice reform, immigration reform, and foreign policy strategies, Michael Alter takes a look at one of the least glamorous - but one of the most important - parts of being an elected official: infrastructure development.

The Issues with Issue 3

By Michael Alter Published November 11, 2015

With the recent push to legalize marijuana at the state level, Michael Alter looks at the debate behind the headlines in the latest candidate to put the issue to it's voters: Ohio.

Something Without Moderation

By Michael Alter Published October 22, 2015

As the 2016 Presidential Election approaches, more and more debates will be had between the major party candidates running for the highest office in the land. Michael Alter looks at how effective our debates are, and suggests a novel idea to change things up.

Brace Yourselves, And Make Sure You Get My Good Side

By Michael Alter Published March 14, 2015

Discussing the politics of natural disasters, and how the politicization of them by politicians and the media is not as base or useless as one might think.

I Lied, New York

By Michael Alter Published February 18, 2015

A look at the record of corruption in Albany and ways different groups are proposing to curb it after the indictment of former NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Broken News

By Michael Alter Published November 9, 2014

After last months' Ottawa shooting, Canadian and American television media outlets covered the event very differently. Due to recent trends in American news media towards more sensationalist headlines and prioritizing speed rather than accuracy in their reportage more than their Canadian compatriots, American media can better perform the functions they must if this country's democracy is to flourish.

The LGBTQ Rights Movement Isn't Simply About Marriage

By Michael Alter Published October 21, 2014

The focus on achieving marriage equality across the nation, while an incredibly noble, worthy, and necessary goal, has the potential to be limiting to the LGBTQ rights movement as a whole by focusing the general public only on one aspect of what it means to be queer in America today.