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Decreasing Oil Prices as a Tool of Coercion

By Morgan Greene Published November 9, 2014

Iran and Russia's ability to fall back on their oil wealth as a means of resisting Western sanctions is undermined by decreasing oil prices. Whether intentional or consequent, falling oil prices are a key tool of coercion.

Roots of the Islamic State

By Morgan Greene Published October 24, 2014

The ideology and history underlying the Islamic State are crucial to understanding the actions of this new terrorist organization. In addressing this threat, Middle Eastern and international powers must work in concert to undermine its ideology, semblance of legitimacy and military force.

Redirecting U.S. Foreign Aid

By Morgan Greene Published April 21, 2014

U.S. foreign aid has historically been used to compel allies and enemies comply with the U.S.'s goals. USAID is in dire need of reconstruction to repair years of corruption and misuse to once again achieve goals of strengthening key allies, promoting democracy, establishing economic leverage, fortifying domestic political coalitions, and encouraging peace and prosperity.

The Risks of Reviving Economic Sanctions

By Morgan Greene Published March 17, 2014

The West needs to rethink it's use of economic sanctions and devise more effective tools to address the crisis in Crimea.

The World Watched the U.S. Government Shutdown

By Morgan Greene Published November 8, 2013

Although the immediate domestic effects of the recent government shutdown seem limited "” temporary job losses, the closing of federal parks and monuments, a temporary postponement of research "” the blow to American power and prestige cannot be underestimated. The shutdown undermined the U.S. global image, weakened deterrence, and slowed economic recovery in both the U.S. and abroad.

The Future of Communicating Threatening Intentions: Cyber Warfare

By Morgan Greene Published October 11, 2013

It has never been easier than it is today to inflict damage and take lives without boots on the ground. Using cruise missiles, predator drones, and even nuclear weapons, the U.S. can exert influence without directly risking American lives. In a time when technology has the potential to inflict massive casualties, the solution should be obvious"”attack technology, not people.