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The United States and Iran: Reassessing a Failed Foreign Policy

By Nate Jara Published November 9, 2014

The United States seems convinced that preventing the Islamic Republic of Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is critical to preserving stability and American strategic interests in the Middle East. However, its efforts to do so have failed much more than one might be inclined to think.

Is Kim Jong-un Still at North Korea's Helm?

By Nate Jara Published October 24, 2014

Kim Jong-un's lengthy disappearance from the public eye sparked intense speculation about the possibility of a coup in North Korea. Should his recent resurfacing put rumors of his removal from power to rest? The short answer: no.

Time To Move On: Ending the American Embargo on Cuba

By Nate Jara Published April 21, 2014

The Cuban embargo has been a staple of American foreign policy for half a century, and yet it hasn't produced any noticeable results. It's time to reconsider our foreign policy stance towards our neighbor in the Gulf.