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CHI St. Gabriel's Prescription Drug Abuse Policy

By Nethan Reddy Published September 29, 2016

With the passing of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), federal lawmakers are brainstorming new policies to address the opioid epidemic, and are turning to local programs that are using proven methods of handling community-wide substance abuse. Chi St. Gabriel's Prescription Drug Abuse Program is one such hospital worth spotlighting to inform policy.

The Ithaca Drug Policy Plan

By Nethan Reddy Published March 23, 2016

Recently, a statement by Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick made national headlines. Mayor Myrick announced that that the city is ready to be the first to have the country's first supervised heroin injection site. Amidst the press blitz, the fact that the opening of the this injection site is only one component of an entire comprehensive policy seems to be overlooked. Why is this detail something we should think about?

The Politics of Syringe Exchange

By Nethan Reddy Published March 23, 2016

Despite legislators' awareness of syringe exchange as an effective method to reduce disease transmission, there are concerns as to how permanent the recent lifting of the federal ban on these programs is. The reform could be seen as an urgent, short-term response to recent HIV outbreaks instead of a recognition for the benefits of syringe exchange as a practice.

Substance Abuse In The United States

By Nethan Reddy Published November 2, 2015

Recent rises in illicit drug use, in particular painkillers, have raised national concern over the problem of substance abuse. President Obama, as well as current presidential candidates, have announced plans to combat this widespread issue.