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What Motivates Doctors?

By Perry Davidoff Published November 8, 2013

While doctors are viewed as embodiments of qualities American citizens admire, the current incentives driving the health care system don't guide medical behavior properly. Inefficiency and risk of malpractice force doctors to provide "defensive medicine," rather than what is best for the patients. While alternatives are in the pipeline, their efficacy is unproven.

A Significant Attack on Party Polarization

By Perry Davidoff Published September 30, 2013

Fox News recently ran a piece titled, "The Great Food Stamp Binge". In it, Jason Greenslate, a surfer-dude from California, uses his $200 a month to buy luxury items like sushi and lobster while spending free time surfing on the coast. While doubt about the credibility of the source and the story itself exists, conservatives have used the firestorm the piece has instigated to investigate the program.