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Are All For-Profits Villains?

By Phoebe Keller Published January 1, 2017

For-profit schools have recently received a storm of criticism for misleading prospective students and failing to adequately prepare them to acquire "gainful employment. However, flaws inherent in the methods of regulating these schools may soon deny government funding to even those for-profits outperforming their private sector counterparts. While the for-profit sector does appear dismal if all its schools' statistics are conflated, certain for-profits offer students a pragmatic vocational alternative to a liberal arts education and boast consistently successful graduates.

Obama's Scorecard Isn't An A, But It's a Solid B+

By Phoebe Keller Published October 18, 2015

The newly unveiled "College Scorecard" evaluates colleges and universities based on their measured "access, affordability and outcomes." Although many have found fault with the methodology of data collection or expansion of federal regulation accompanying the introduction of the new tool, its release is a step towards enabling students to invest more prudently in strong schools.