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U.S., Take a Leaf Out of Canada's Book: Stop The Outsized Coverage of Terrorist Violence

By Sarah Cutler Published November 9, 2014

A side-by-side comparison of U.S. and Canadian coverage of the October 23 Ottawa shooting provides valuable lessons for American media.

To the Beleaguered Hong Kong 'Umbrella Revolution': The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

By Sarah Cutler Published October 24, 2014

Though the Hong Kong protests have faced their share of problems, from the lack of a cohesive message to publicity issues rooted in the Communist Party's censorship, these protests have taught the world some valuable lessons.

Students' Trip to Auschwitz Raises Question: Should Palestinians Learn about the Holocaust?

By Sarah Cutler Published April 21, 2014

A Palestinian professor's choice to bring 27 students to a concentration camp receives an explosive response, highlighting the need for more trips of its kind to promote understanding and tolerance in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

To Urge Repeal of Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill, West Should Take Pragmatic Approach

By Sarah Cutler Published March 17, 2014

If the West wants Uganda to repeal recent anti-gay legislation, we need to stop moralizing and start focusing on the effects the bill will have on the country's public health programs and development initiatives.