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Preserving a Piece of the Past: The Sumatran Rhinoceros

By Shashank Vura Published March 23, 2016

The Sumatran Rhinoceros is the smallest, and genetically most unique species of rhinoceros still extant today. Small and hairy, it is the closest living relative of the long-extinct Woolly Rhinoceros which once roamed Siberia. Once abundant, with a range stretching as far as the Ganges River Valley, now it exists in only small isolated pockets of tropical rainforest in Borneo and Java, with the last individual from the peninsular Malaysian population having succumbed last year.

Ethics, Entertainment, and Conservation- The Case of the Killer Whale

By Shashank Vura Published November 9, 2015

The increasingly embattled captivity of killer whales at SeaWorld theme parks faces an uncertain future as legislation severely regulating this practice comes into effect in California. Heated debate on the ethics and efficacy of this issue suggests that such activity must come to a close, as the vast and complex needs of this species cannot be met by captivity.