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Economic Impacts of Mobile Marketing

By Stephanie Hahm Published March 10, 2015

Even with the growing popularity of mobile phones, business marketing strategies have been stagnant, as advertisements are still primarily distributed through billboards, commercials, mail, and e-mail. However, an underutilized but extremely effective approach is using SMS mobile marketing. With data that shows extremely high open rates and the ability to easily evaluate the efficacy of SMS marketing, companies should be quick to realize the potential of this strategy.

Our Future Economy: "Uberification"

By Stephanie Hahm Published February 22, 2015

As more and more people carry smartphones, mobile traffic has been increasing exponentially. Knowing this, mobile applications have become much more personalized, and firms have catered their business models to exploit the immediacy of the services that these apps provide. This article investigates the app-based transportation company Uber as a case study for the rising trend that will transform our current economy.

The Cost of Incarceration

By Stephanie Hahm Published November 9, 2014

The current US prison system is broken. Though levels of crime have gone down dramatically, the incarceration rate has been increasing. The biggest problem, however, is the cost that goes behind everything. Our state and federal governments should make changes not only to alleviate budget pressures, but to also improve inmates' futures after imprisonment.

Common Core: Is it Worth it?

By Stephanie Hahm Published October 24, 2014

The Common Core, the newest educational initiative for K-12 students, is a switch that students, teachers, and policymakers have been recently debating about. One of the main arguments from opponents of the Common Core is the price tag to transition from the current expenditures to match the new educational standards. But is the price required a big enough obstacle to detract states from implementing it?