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Vigilantism Around the World: The Case Against Batman

By Svati Pazhyanur Published November 9, 2014

With the growth in vigilantism facing inadequate police forces or criminal justice systems around the world, organized violence and targeted killings have also increased. The international community needs to take a harder stance on vigilante groups and shift its focus from short term solutions towards structural governmental reform to improve countries' security.

The Foreign Policy of Ebola

By Svati Pazhyanur Published October 24, 2014

While fears over the outbreak of Ebola have spurred calls for extreme measures, including trade restrictions and complete travel bans, cutting off Africa from the rest of the world would have devastating consequences for every country involved. Rather than attempting to quarantine the continent, the international community should bolster public health interventions in place and assist struggling countries with continued economic, political and infrastructural support.

How Good is "Afghan Good Enough"?

By Svati Pazhyanur Published April 21, 2014

As the US and NATO begin their withdrawal from Afghanistan, continued aid and support must remain in place to stem the Taliban's resurgence.

Investing in Africa's Rise

By Svati Pazhyanur Published March 17, 2014

While Africa's current youth bulge offers substantial opportunities for gains in productivity and economic growth. However, investments in family planning programs in areas where fertility rates remain high are necessary in order to harvest these opportunities and support Africa's Rise.

Restoring US Environmental Leadership

By Svati Pazhyanur Published November 8, 2013

In the face of the growing threat of Chinese (and global) pollution, the United States must address its falling credibility as a leader in shaping global environmental policy. Whether it is in the form of ratifying and implementing many stalled treaties or even more radical carbon pricing, it is time for the US to make aggressive environmental policy a priority and set an example for the developing world.