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Protecting Patients by Legalizing Marijuana

By Taylor Keating Published April 15, 2016

California's medical marijuana law has become an easy way for recreational marijuana users to get legal weed. As lawmakers seek to regulate these users, they are imposing high taxes and regulations on those that the law seeks to benefit: patients.

Legislating the Lavatory: Unpacking South Dakota's Bathroom Bill

By Taylor Keating Published February 25, 2016

South Dakota lawmakers are sacrificing the rights of transgender students in an attempt to protect the privacy rights of others. The "Bathroom Bill" puts transgender students at emotional and physical risk by imposing discriminatory restrictions on gender identity.

Ending Sexual Assault through Education

By Taylor Keating Published November 11, 2015

Sexual assault rates across college campuses continue to remain unacceptably high. How can we utilize primary education to end sexual violence?

The War on Women

By Taylor Keating Published October 22, 2015

House lawmakers are disregarding women's healthcare in an attempt to defund an organization that provides essential services to millions of Americans. Why are they more focused on preventing abortions than saving lives?

Hot Little Girls with Guns

By Taylor Keating Published March 14, 2015

Gun rights advocates and lawmakers seek to end sexual assault by permitting firearms to be carried on college campuses. Are armed civilians the best way to protect rape victims?