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The Negative Effects of Clinton's "New College Compact" on Private Colleges

By Toni-Anne Richards  Published January 1, 2017

Hillary Clinton's plan to improve college affordability was definitely influenced by Sanders' plan and campaign message, but the political feasibility and reality of her ideas is lacking because of the adverse effects it could have on private colleges.

Why Sports Performance Majors Won't Fix the Gap between Collegiate Academics and Athletics

By Toni-Anne Richards  Published January 1, 2017

The argument over proper compensation for high-performing student-athletes has resurfaced, but less attention has been given to the idea of narrowing the gap between sports and academics for these students through a sports performance major. This article discusses why such a program in its current conceptualized form is not necessary and easy to take advantage of.

Obama's New Socioeconomic Integration Program to Prioritize Diversity

By Toni-Anne Richards  Published January 1, 2017

"Stronger Together," a competitive federal grant program which attempts to integrate schools by income through a competition among states, is a national response to what has become a trend among both red and blue states. Unlike past grant programs that encouraged charter schools and performance-based evaluations for teachers, this initiative gives low income students the opportunity to attend better schools.

Dual-Language Programs Find a Growing Appeal among Native and Nonnative English Speakers

By Toni-Anne Richards  Published November 9, 2015

This post discusses the growing demand for dual language programs throughout the United States and the statistical advantages to this form of language learning as opposed to more established methods.