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Understanding Current Deficiencies in U.S. Foreign Development Aid

By Tony Zhou Published February 28, 2016

This blog post examines current United States foreign development aid policies and finds two critical deficiencies: 1.) A fostering of aid dependence in recipient economies and 2.) A bureaucratic inefficiency in implementation. In addition, studies show that in some cases, the overall effect of these two deficiencies may nullify or even reverse prior progress seen in developing regions. Lastly, this blog post emphasizes the importance of addressing the previously mentioned deficiencies in the upcoming years.

The Unseen Economics of Illegal Immigration

By Tony Zhou Published November 10, 2015

This blog posts analyzes the domestic economic impact of illegal immigration, which is reflected in three different aspects: the general effect on the growth of the U.S. economy, the particular effect on the U.S. government budget, and the effect on the U.S. job market. Results from studies find that while illegal immigration may cause a deficit in the government budget, illegal immigration is still beneficial to the overall growth of the economy and the health of the job market. This blog concludes by advocating for policies of openness and acceptance toward current illegal immigrants.