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Who Wants to Be An Indian Prime Minister

By Usamah Andrabi Published April 21, 2014

India's first election in five years will be a decisive one that is bringing to the forefront issues of religious tension still present. Frontrunner, Narendra Modi, cannot address the economy without confronting his questionable past.

Mr. Sharif or: How I Learned to Stop Peace Talks and Love the Bomb

By Usamah Andrabi Published March 17, 2014

Continued threats to Pakistan's national security have proven that the country necessitates a change in their approach to combating terrorism. A massive overhaul in security infrastructure is a prerequisite for any adequate solutions to be enacted.

From Blue Skies to Gray: the Victims of America's Drone Fetish

By Usamah Andrabi Published November 8, 2013

The US drone policy has been criticized countless times without any real response from the Obama administration on the opposition's concerns. However, this ignorance does not come near the utter disrespect that members of the Rehman family faced when they traveled to America.

A New Iran, A New Middle East

By Usamah Andrabi Published October 11, 2013

Although President Hassan Rouhani is a leader who may not be as well-known to Americans as his infamous predecessor, the moderate who replaced Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the President of Iran is a more American-friendly leader than the public could ever imagine for the country.