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The Fight for Suffrage Continues… With 17 Year-Olds

By Woojin Choi Published March 14, 2015

With governments in almost every democracy desperate to try to bring young people back into the civic fold, lowering the voting age might just be the answer.

The Future for Gitmo

By Woojin Choi Published February 18, 2015

With the controversy surrounding Guantanamo Bay, its existence has come be a topic of great contention. President Obama needs to take greater measures to eliminate mistreatment of detainees that has occurred within its facilities. At the same time, Obama needs to preserve Gitmo and its operations for the safety of the American people.

Ebola: A Local Approach to a National Problem

By Woojin Choi Published November 9, 2014

Discussion of the policy response to Ebola nowadays seems to focus on criticizing the federal government. An emphasis on the locality, however, in dealing with diseases like Ebola may constitute a more sound response to health crises like this.

A Blue Solution to Immigration

By Woojin Choi Published October 21, 2014

Although both Democrats and Republicans have yet to implement a comprehensive immigration reform, both sides are constantly being pushed by the clamoring public to make some kind of change. One thing is clear: immigration reform will happen, sooner or later. The question is: which side of the approach do we take?