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Sorry Donald... Why there is no Easy Solution to Immigration Reform

By Zachary Schmetter Published October 22, 2015

As the debate on immigration reform heats up, the divide between solutions that will increase poll numbers and the ones that will actually work on a policy perspective continues to grow. If we take a step back from the showy impractical ideas being featured in the media and use common sense to analyze the policy problems behind border security and undocumented immigration, it is clear that these problems have no easily solution and an require a substantial refocusing of our policy efforts to solve.

Cybersecurity Q and A: Cyber Crime and How to Stop It

By Zachary Schmetter Published March 14, 2015

As our society becomes increasingly dependent on its cyber infrastructure, it is critically important to understand the necessity of cybersecurity in this day and age. The extent of the damage caused cyber crime penetrates far deeper into the economic foundation of this country than one would assume from looking at the small number attacks that made headlines last year.